How to Use Soft Paint Colors for a Relaxing Home Atmosphere

A dark, stress-inducing cubicle, where every color seems to bleed together, is all that many people get to see for the majority of the waking day. Your home shouldn’t look anything like that. Soft paint colors create a calm and soothing home interior that’s welcoming after a […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Trim Paint for Your Home

  Choosing good trim paint is one of the keys to set the mood for a room. It can be tricky knowing where to start! Never fear, though, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll show you a few things to consider when choosing a color. […]

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5 Things You Should Look for in Great Residential Painters

  A fresh coat of paint can make an old family home or a recently fixed up place feel brand new. Wood siding should be revamped by a residential painter every 3-7 years, with stained wood needing more frequent care. The ideal housepainter should come recommended by […]

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Why You Should Hire Professional Painters for Your Home

Whether you’re painting your new home or dreaming of updating an old one with a pop of the latest color trend, choosing to undertake a paint job can be stressful. After all, painting on your own can be a challenge. You’ll face a huge time commitment, not […]

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Understanding Your Painting Estimate in New Jersey

Homeowners often gasp when they are given a painting estimate for thousands of dollars from a professional painting contractor.  It’s not always a case of your professional painter being priced too high, sometimes it’s a case of the customer not fully understanding what’s actually involved on the […]

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