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A residential house painter in Bloomfield, New Jersey can certainly revive and reimagine any old room you have. However, the final look and choice of color and finish will still be decided by you, the homeowner. That is why it is of utmost importance that you know exactly what your home needs in terms of paints and how different types of finish can improve your room’s appearance and feel. Here are the five paint finish you can typically choose from, along with our suggestions for choosing or using them:


Otherwise called “matte,” a flat finish has a chalkboard look and feel to it. This makes it the least reflective finish and allows it to hide more imperfections like small dents than others. Generally, this finish is used on ceilings. However, it can also be used on walls to enhance colors and mask small damages. Although easy to apply, this finish is pretty hard to clean, so you might want to ask for a brand of higher-quality and washability.


Offering low sheen and higher washability compared to flat, the eggshell finish is the top choice for bedroom and living room walls. Although easy to clean, however, this finish is quite delicate, so interior house painters in Bloomfield, NJ avoids using it in high-traffic areas such as hallways and bathrooms.


Perhaps the most popular paint finish available, satin has a pearl-like sheen. This makes it a great choice for woodwork and most types of rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. The satin finish can be easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Although some believe it to be scrubbable, exterior painting contractors in Bloomfield, NJ recommend that scrubbing is kept at a minimum.


This paint finish offers two advantages: it produces a visible shine, and it easy to clean up since it’s scrubbable. Semi-gloss is the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it’s resistant to humidity and mildew and it withstands chipping, stains, and scuffing with relative ease.


This is the perfect finish for areas you want to be highlighted as it delivers the highest level of shine. Since it reflects a lot of light, however, you should make sure that the room is as flawless as possible as small damages can be easily spotted with it. You might want your commercial professional painters in Bloomfield, NJ, to save it for smooth surfaces, trims, and woodwork.


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