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Are you planning to hire a residential house painter in Livingston, NJ such as Van Arsdale Painting? While a professional painter can do wonders for your home, you have to remember that they aren’t magicians who can fix anything and everything in the blink of an eye. That means, before you get in touch with the pros, you have to make sure that you and your home are prepared. How do you do that? By accomplishing the following…

Take Care of Repairs

Are there huge holes or dents on your walls? Does the ceiling leak when it rains or snows heavily? Regardless of what the damage your room or house might have, it is necessary that you have them repaired first. Many interior house painters in Livingston, NJ do patch holes, but they can’t fix all imaginable damage there is. Taking care of the repairs yourself will not only help reduce your total expense, but it will also guarantee that the painting job will be smooth and flawless.

Clean the House

You want your home to be as clean as possible, so it’s ready for painting. This means scrubbing molds away, clearing webs and dust, and ensuring that there are no litters hiding in corners that might cause a problem. If there’s already furniture in the room, you might want to move them into another room or at least move them to the center and cover them with thick cloth or plastic to avoid their getting ruined by paint drips.

Residential and commercial professional painters in Livingston, NJ do quick cleaning with pressure washers. However, if there’s too much dirt and loose paint, it might take time and add to your bill.

Think of Colors, Finishes, and Brands

There are literally thousands of colors and a handful of finishes you can choose from. However, it’s ideal to use only 1-3 colors and a single paint finish per room. This is to avoid making the room busy and ensure that enough attention will be focused on the furniture that will be placed in it. As you choose colors, it’s best to think about the room’s purpose, your chosen theme, and the furniture you will use. You can look at paint samples online, though it’s best to check out paint chips for a more accurate representation. It’s also critical to take note of the brands you want to use, if there’s one. Keep in mind that not telling your interior or exterior painting contractors in Livingston, NJ your brand preferences may lead to them using another brand due to limitations of budget and availability.


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