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A professional painter can turn any room into a beautiful haven and any house into everybody’s dream home. However, as you will be able to confirm later on, there are literally hundreds of painting contractors in the city to choose from, all with differing skills, experiences, materials, and prices. To ensure that you will get the one that will be replicate your vision of how the room should look like, you ought to be thorough in your search and look for the following traits:


Anyone can paint a room, but not everyone can do a flawless painting job. If you want to get stunning results, then you have to choose experienced contractors. Don’t just take people’s word for it. Look at their samples, portfolios, and customer feedback. Get to know the people behind the company—how long have they been working in the industry, what makes them stand out, and the like.


It might be a bit crude for us to say it since we are in the same industry, but the truth is that there are some contractors who take advantage of clients, especially those who are hiring a residential house painter in Verona, NJ for the first time. If you want to get a good painting contractor, then you have to verify your candidates’ honesty. That includes discussing with their previous clients, checking their testimonials and references, and checking what people are saying about them online.

Contractors who value transparency will also go the extra mile to give the littlest of details about the project including the timeframe, the manpower needed, the supplies that will be consumed, and all costs that have to be paid. This guarantees that there will be no hidden fees that will jump on you at the last minute.


Most interior and exterior painting contractors in Verona, NJ clean rooms through pressure washing. However, a handful of them don’t clean up after every work day. While this practice reduces preparation time, it remains to be a hassle that is both unsightly and unhygienic. So while interviewing painting companies, make sure to ask about what they do at the end of the work day and project. Specifically ask if the rooms and materials will be cleaned on a daily basis.

Excellent Customer Service

What separates normal interior house painters from superb ones? It’s not only the level of experience and the quality of materials. It’s also about top-notch customer service. We are not just talking about customer support before you hire a company but also the company’s performance after the painting job is completed. Is the company responsive? Does it do follow-up maintenance? You can find out about these by either checking their background online or asking the company upfront.


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