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P eople often say, “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to houses, outside appearance matters. That is why, if you want your home to get a new look, help extend its lifespan, or prepare it for selling. The only question is “When should you hire a residential house painter in West Orange, NJ?”

The Best Time to Get House Painting Done in West Orange, NJ

Summer is the perfect season for house painting since the temperature will generally be mild and rain scarce, allowing paints to cure without any problem. However, we at Van Arsdale Painting understand that not everyone may find this time convenient for a handful of reasons. For example, you might have annual family trips in another state or abroad or have sensitive children that maybe affected or aggravated by the smell of the materials commonly used. In such cases, we would like you, our dear patrons, to consider the following elements that can affect the project’s outcome:

  • Season—as earlier mentioned, summer is the best season for house painting, especially if it is the exterior walls that you want painted. Nonetheless, late spring and early autumn are also good times to hire a residential house painter of West Orange, NJ. Some companies accept projects from the beginning of March until the middle of October, but to get the best outcome and deal, you should ask for a schedule between April and July.
  • Moisture—walls and ceilings must be completely dry before they are painted since moisture may affect the paint as it dries, resulting to uneven texture and flaking. If it rained the previous day or if you experienced heavy fog and dew, you might want to call your interior or exterior painting contractors in West Orange, NJ to postpone the project for a day or so to allow the surface to dry completely. This is especially useful if the surface in question is made of bare wood or masonry.
  • Temperature—it is also of utmost importance that you take note of weather forecasts for your chosen day(s). Keep in mind that the temperature must be as mild and even as possible throughout the painting session with minimal downpour for indoor house paintings and clear skies for outdoor painting.

Type of Paint—directly related to temperature is the types of paints used by residential and commercial professional painters of West Orange, NJ. Generally, paint manufacturers recommend that their products be used when the ambient temperature is around 40˚-50˚F. However, some premium paints can be used at a low 35˚F. Based on which kind of paint you and your contractor have agreed on, you may be able to work your house painting project on a relatively gloomy or inclement weather.

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