How to Use Soft Paint Colors for a Relaxing Home Atmosphere

A dark, stress-inducing cubicle, where every color seems to bleed together, is all that many people get to see for the majority of the waking day.

Your home shouldn’t look anything like that. Soft paint colors create a calm and soothing home interior that’s welcoming after a long, stressful day.

Whether you’ve just moved in or are looking to spice up an already existing living space, here’s how to use soft paint colors to create a relaxing home atmosphere.

Picking Soft Paint Colors

The colors you end up going with will depend on which side of the color wheel you prefer. Do you prefer cool greens and blues or warm reds and oranges?

If your living area is large, you may want to look into warmer colors to give the illusion of a smaller, cozier space. Coral and light pink are just a few examples.

Alternatively, you may want to look into cooler colors to give off a more spacious feeling. These colors tend to be more relaxing. These will be your blues, greens, and grays.

Try to think of something in nature that makes you feel relaxed. If you’re thinking of a warm sunset, try finding a soft orange that reminds you of it. If you picture a shady mountain trail, a light green will suit your taste.

Pastel and blush colors are also great soft paint colors.

Why Take Sides?

If you don’t think a softer tone is right for you, don’t hesitate to go for something bold and exciting.

Everyone’s different, and not everyone will find these softer colors relaxing.

Neutral colors such as beige, ivory, gray, and white are great choices if you’re stumped or don’t know what to pick. They also have the advantage of going well with almost any decor.

Other Things to Consider

Always remember to take light sources into account.

The amount of light entering a room can drastically change how paint appears. A paint you loved in the store may not be so lovely once it’s up on your wall.

The kinds of furniture you already have will also change the final look. A seafoam green paint may look stunning on a wall — until a yellow cabinet and brown desk are moved right next to it.

Final Thoughts on Paint Colors

Stress is unavoidable. That’s why it’s important to have a place where soft, inviting colors surround you.

You need a place where you can relax and unwind, a place to call your own.

In the end, go with whatever color makes you feel happy. It should be a color you want to come home and see every single day. Just be sure to take neutral colors, existing furniture, and light sources into account.

Whether you’re looking to turn your home into a comforting cave or a relaxing haven, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re at all hesitant about the process, we offer free color consultation, mini samples, and color tools such as our virtual painter.

Please contact us today for more information!

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